D. Gosal & Associates Firm Philosophy


To be Your Advocate

We will work hard and advocate zealously for you in order to protect your rights.  That dedication is consistent whether it be a speeding ticket or a homicide, a fender-bender or a brain-damage case, a small claims matter or high-stakes complex litigation.  As lawyers, we are often the voice for the accused, the silenced and the injured.  From this, we understand the awesome position that we are in; the position you are in; and from this develops our unfailing conviction and resolve to work with you during these times of strain. We keep you apprised of developments in your case and ensure you understand the process.  Based in Surrey, BC as a Criminal Defense Lawyer, we practice and represent clients across Delta, Surrey, and Greater Vancouver, British Columbia.


No Bait and Switch

I am the lawyer you will meet and I am the lawyer who will defend your case.  You are hiring my education, training, experience and trial expertise. It’s not a case of shaking hands with me, merely to have your case turned over to a junior lawyer or an articled student.

To Keep Learning

Law is always changing, and one way we strive for professional betterment is by regularly attending legal seminars and conferences in order to keep apprised of developments in the law.  We also have access to online legal publishers, including WestLaw®, QuickLaw® and Lexis-Nexis®, which provide the latest in case and statutory law, law review articles and practice developments notes.

Our professional memberships also assist us in our ability to represent clients and contact resources, including experts in their respective fields such as toxicologists, pathologists, psychiatrists and forensic reconstructionists.

To Focus on Specific Areas of Law

We only work in selected areas of the law, including Criminal Defence, ICBC Personal Injury and Small Claims Matters.


DUI/IRP Roadside Licence Suspension Appeals
Immediate Roadside Prohibition Reviews
Vehicle Impoundments
License Prohibition Reviews
Homicide Law
Domestic Assault
Spousal Assault
Assault Causing Bodily Harm
Assault With a Weapon
Aggravated Assault
Sexual Offences
Property Crimes (Theft, Robbery, Shoplifting)
Shoplifting Theft
White Collar Crime (Fraud, Internal Theft, Embezzlement)
Weapons (Firearms Discharge; Possession)
Breaches of Conditional Sentence Orders
Criminal Inadmissibility: Immigration Appeals
Immigration Division and Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)
Income Tax Act violations
Federal Drug Charges (possession, trafficking, production)
Fisheries Act violations (harvesting violations)
Solicitation Charges
Uttering Threats
Criminal Harassment
Criminal Code Driving Charges
Driving While Prohibited


Wage Loss Claims
Personal Injury ICBC
Car Accident for Passenger and not-at fault Drivers
Whiplash Claims
Soft Tissue Injury Claims
Newton (Surrey) ICBC Claim Centre
Guildford (Surrey) ICBC Claim Centre

Notice of Claim
Reply and Settlement Conferences
Trial and Mediation
Debt Claims (money owed to you or your business)
Business Disputes

We can defend your case, wherever you are in BC

We take cases across BC, including:

Port Coquitlam
North Vancouver
New Westminster
Maple Ridge

Most common Provincial Courts in Metro Vancouver are:

  • Surrey Provincial Court
  • 222 Main Street Vancouver Provincial Court
  • Abbotsford Provincial Court
  • Port Coquitlam Provincial Court
  • Richmond Provincial Court