Flat Fee Pricing for DUI IRP ADP Review Appeal

What Will It Cost To Hire You for My IRP Issues?


I provide Flat Fees and often break the process down to two stages, so you know the fees upfront, and also don’t waste money on a fruitless Review.

Stage 1) Reviewing your Immediate Roadside Prohibition Documents:

My legal fees are currently $750 plus taxes and disbursements for this service. I want to make sure you understand what the facts are, what the applicable law is to your case, so you can make an Informed Decision whether to go ahead or not with the Review.

You may read the report and think there is no chance.  However, you are not trained to spot legal issues, or how they relate to the facts in your case.  That is why you go to a lawyer trained and experienced in that area.  Just like reviewing a medical X-ray or CATSCAN, you and I will likely not know what to look for or interpret the images; the Doctor can though, as she is trained and experienced in that.

Similarly, our legally trained eyes – with over 15 years of drinking driving defence – will study the Report to Superintendent provided by the Officer to the Office of Superintendent of Motor Vehicles (you are not provided a copy of that on the night of incident), Calibration Documents, Qualified ASD Technical Reports.

After we review these documents, we render an opinion to you on possible errors, legal issues, and validity of the Driver License Suspension and potential degrees of success.  If there is no likelihood of success, and you instruct us not to proceed, then your small investment has paid off, instead of just paying for a Review that has no or little merit or chance of succeeding.  We will give you the straight opinion.

Stage 2: Conducting the Actual Review:

If after our advice on the viability of the Review, you decide to instruct me to go ahead with the actual Review with Road Safety BC – Office of Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, at that point, I then offer a Flat Fee for conducting actual IRP DUI Licence Suspension Review Hearing.


My legal fees for this stage depend on the category of Prohibition, and start from $1,000  for 3 day prohibitions. $2,000 for a 7 day prohibition, and around $2,750 for a 90 day Prohibition, Fail or Refusal. All fees subject to GST/PST, and disbursements.I will give you a firm quote once I review the Immediate Roadside Prohibition Documents.

I will only take 1-2 cases maximum per month. My submission packages are usually around 40-100 pages. We start drafting your IRP submissions from scratch, and custom tailor your submissions – not a cookie cutter pro-forma fill out, which I have sadly seen passed off as fresh work-product.  If you want hardcore zealous representation then call me. I usually dedicate 2-3 days on each IRP Review: Midnight Oil, and non-stop effort.  See how many lawyers will do that.

If you win your IRP, then all the filing fees, tow, storage and other monetary penalties are withdrawn and or refunded, and the Ignition Interlock Program and Responsible Driving Program is not required.

These IRP fees are significantly discounted compared to our regular Criminal Court DUI/Impaired fees, which are typically $7,000 to $9,000 (plus PST/HST) for one day. With our reduced, flat fee pricing, you get to take advantage of our DUI trial battle knowledge on your License Suspension Appeal.

Appeals of Adjudicator Decisions to BC Supreme Court by way of Judicial Review are separate matters and you must consult us to discuss any possible retention.

Retaining Forensic Toxicologist or Other Experts: 


-If the assistance of a Forensic Toxicologist is of assistance (usually former RCMP  or Police Lab Experts), often an Expert in the field is hired to review and provide an Expert Opinion, which is based on the facts, law, and Various literature on the ASD Machines (Police & Manufacturer Manuals; accepted Forensic/ Scientific Procedural matters).  Those fees are of course separate and can be discussed once we are Retained (hired).


-Other experts may include Physicians, or Specialists to address any medical issues that may arise in your case, ranging from anything like improper temperature range of the machine, to improper procedure using the machine, which affects the reliability of the Fail results, or deemed refusals.

Attorney- Client Privilege

We also offer the Attorney Client and Solicitor-Client Privilege. This means that you can tell me all the details of the case, including things the Police may not know, and we are not bound to tell that to the Adjudicator. We can use sometimes use that to our advantage, in terms of the Adjudicator not having certain “admissions” by you, if you conduct the hearing on your own.

As an experienced Metro Vancouver Surrey DUI Lawyer, Dil Gosal can help guide you toward the best approach to defending your DUI / IRP charges.