IRP Defense Experts

Law Firm, D Gosal & Associates has a razor focus in DUI Criminal Defence and Personal Injury across British Columbia and Washington State, with an emphasis in driving cases, including IRP / DUI or Administrative Driving Prohibition or ADP, dangerous driving and serious motor vehicle accidents. Lawyer Dil Gosal has 15+ years of criminal and administrative law defense experience fighting DUI jury trials, administrative driving (ADP) and immediate roadside license suspension (IRP) reviews and appeals from the DOL and Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, and Road Safety BC. These are complex legal issues and you need an experienced DUI suspension appeals attorney to represent your case. Call us or email us at: [email protected] before you take a plea to a criminal case, or just give up on your IRP.

In addition to our expertise in the area, often we retain forensic toxicologists, who have gained experience by working for the RCMP or other law enforcement agencies in their forensic labs, and are now private experts after leaving the force, and are certified to operate the various machines used by law enforcement, including the BAC Datamaster, Intoxilizer and Alco Sensor IV DWF ASD machine.  These experts buttress our unique experience in fighting IRP, ADP, and DUI cases.

Dedication to the Study of DUI / IRP

stack of booksMy first trial out of law school, during the Clinton Years, was a serious DUI jury trial where the Defendant was looking at 45 days jail for his second conviction. After countless hours of case and witness preparation, knowing the facts, preparing jury instructions, researching the law, and being able to talk to the jurors, we went to trial. And we got a hung jury. My client never went to jail. Ever since that first trial, I have felt the jeopardy and uncertainness my clients experience in DUI Cases because of the pending charges. For many of my clients, the charges are the worst thing that has ever happened to them. As experienced DUI trial lawyers, we can help. See our Testimonials page for real client stories and victories.

Our private library consists of over a dozen publications on Drunk Driving Defence. We get weekly updates on DUI law in the US and Canada and monthly case law summaries. We subscribe to several leading publications in the area and attend Continuing Legal Education Seminars dedicated to DUI Defense.

This area is highly technical and is as complicated as you can get in a court of law. Even more complex than many felony offenses. Washington State and British Columbia have some of the strictest laws on Impaired driving/DUI in North America. With the per se legal limit being lowered to .08, the fight against DUI laws is increasingly harder, but not impossible. Even if the breath ticket claims that your Blood Alcohol Concentration (“BAC”) was over .08, you may have several defences.

At arraignment or first appearance, always plead Not Guilty until you have consulted with a lawyer. You can always change your plea afterwards if need be.  Contact Vancouver DUI Attorney Dil Gosal without delay.