High BAC Penalties in Washington State

In Washington State, if you lose the DOL hearing, in addition to the license suspension, you will be required to get SR-22 insurance (financial responsibility) for 3 years even before an occupational license is granted and have to pay relicensing fees.

Statutorily-Enhanced Penalties: In Washington State, if your BAC reading is above .15 or you are found to have refused, your penalties grid is higher on both the Civil Side and Criminal Side. License suspensions can increase to two years on the Civil Side.

Criminal Side: Washington State legislators have made DUI a Gross Misdemeanor, which comes with a maximum of 365 days in jail and $5,000 in fines. Mandatory minimums jail sentences also apply, as do Implied Consent Statutes.

In Washington State with a BAC reading under .15, you will receive:

  1. On a first offense, 1 day jail or Electronic Home Monitoring (“EHM”) for 15 days.
  2. On a second offence within 7 years, you will get 30 days jail, plus 60 days EHM.
  3. On a third offence within 7 years, you will get 90 days jail, plus 120 days EHM.

In Washington State, with a BAC reading of over .15, or a refusal, you will receive:

  1. On a first offense, 2 days jail, or EHM for 30 days, plus 1 year license revocation.
  2. On a second offense, 45 days jail, plus 90 days EHM, plus 900 day license revocation.
  3. On a third offense, 120 days jail, plus 150 days EHM, plus a 4 year license revocation.
  4. Under either sentencing grid, you may also be required to obtain alcohol/drug treatment evaluations and follow treatment plans. You can have a period of probation supervision, where the balance of the 365 days are suspended and remain available to the judge if you breach a condition.

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