Hire a Lawyer Who Speaks Punjabi
April 30th, 2014

Punjabi Man in Suit SmilingUnderstanding the legal system in Vancouver is hard enough, even if you’re a fluent or native English speaker. But if English is a second language, the law can be not only confusing but almost completely unintelligible. Many people who speak Punjabi and need a lawyer decide to work with a lawyer who is also fluent in Punjabi. The difference can be significant, as the clearer communication allowed by a fluent Punjabi speaking lawyer may mean a better outcome in the legal case at hand. If you are looking for a lawyer and would prefer to speak Punjabi in order to better explain the situation, talk to a lawyer who speaks Punjabi, too.

Cultural and Legal Languages

Any legal situation will probably be frustrating and confusing at times. It’s normal for people, even those who are familiar with the normal workings of Surrey or Vancouver laws, to be overwhelmed when they’re confronted with legal language. A word that has a normal meaning can have an altogether different meaning when used in a legal context. It’s easy to imagine how using those words when they’re not even your primary language will be additionally frustrating and confusing.

There are also cultural considerations which may be impossible to understand if you don’t have a lawyer who is fluent in English and Punjabi, and who is familiar with the cultural similarities and differences between people who have lived in Vancouver or Surrey their whole lives or who have arrived more recently.

Being Able to Explain

There is also a lot to be said for being able to explain the situation in your primary language. If you want to truly tell a story with the details that are important, you may need to do so in Punjabi. If your lawyer speaks Punjabi, you’ll be able to do just that.

Contact Dil Gosal if you need help with a DUI or criminal legal case in Surrey or the greater Vancouver area and want to speak to your lawyer in Punjabi.

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