Sexual Offences Charges under the Criminal Code?

Sexual Assault, Sexual Interference & Sexual Invitation Criminal Defense Lawyer

Common Sex Charges

Most defendants charged with these Criminal Code Offences find themselves in Criminal Court for the first time. You should consult us right away, before talking to the Police, if you are under investigation. If you have been charged, put our 12 years of Criminal Trial experience to work for you.

The most common charges defendants face are:

1. Sexual Assault: Section 271. Covering a wide scope of conduct, ranging from a breast grope to digital penetration to full vaginal intercourse. This includes the touching of a sexual nature without consent and requires the intention to touch (mensa rea).

2. Sexual Assault with a Weapon: Section 272. means Sexual Assault with the additional element of using a weapon.

3. Aggravated Sexual Assault: Section 273. this is a Sexual Assault, with the additional component of “wounds, maims, disfigures or endangers the life of the complainant”

4. Sexual Interference: Section 151. touching directly or indirectly, for a sexual purpose with a part of the body or with an object, any part of the body of a person under the age of 16 years.

5. Invitation to Sexual Touching: Section 152. inviting, counseling or inciting a person under the age of 16, to touch directly or indirectly with a part of the body or with an object, the body of a person, including the body of the person under 16.

6. Sexual Exploitation: Section 153. for persons who are in positions of trust or authority in regard to the young person and commit the sub offences under s.151, and or s.152.

Mandatory Sentencing Scheme

Many of these offences carry Minimum Terms of Imprisonment, including 14 days for Summary Offences and 45 days minimum for Indictable Matters.  The Crown Prosecution in most cases will ask for substantially more than the minimum sentences. In addition to incarceration, and being labeled a Sex Offender in custody, you can face fines.

In many cases of touching a minor, Crown has asked for lengthy period of incarceration, including Federal Penitentiary sentences (over 2 years).

There is DNA Legislation and SOIRA registration built into the Sex Offender Information Registration Act.  Long Term Offender or Dangerous Offender Status Applications may also be made by the Crown, which carry significant repercussions to your liberty.

If you are charged or under investigation for any of these offences, you should contact us immediately to get the representation you deserve.