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“The alcohol machine said I blew .21 and .23. I didn’t know if I would get the defence I deserved, but I hired D. Gosal, who worked really hard on my case, including staying up on the nights before trial to prepare. He challenged the Officer on cross examination, and made a Charter argument about my rights. I got an acquittal.”  R. v. Singh Sandhu, Surrey

“I hired you for my Immediate Roadside Prohibition from the RCMP, and after meeting with you, I took your advice and fought the Office of Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, and we you won the Decision, and the IRP was revoked, and I got my license back, and the Government paid the storage and tow fees up to the date of the decision.  I can’t thank you enough.  My job was on the line, and there is no way I could drive around with the ignition interlock, in my line of business.  Thank you again, I will never forget you.”  K. Singh

“Although the jury didn’t acquit me in the end, I was impressed with the diligence and thoroughness of D. Gosal’s preparation, his connection to the jurors, attention to detail, and command of the law.” S. Christenson, San Juan County.

“I needed a top criminal defence lawyer for my drunk driving charges.  I was referred to Mr. Gosal, and he had discussions with the Prosecutor’s office, and the criminal charges were actually dismissed, and I was able to keep my job at the gym as the hostess and manager.” R. v. Anonymous (BCPC)(SRY)

“I got popped at the U.S. border for my 2nd drunk driving offense, I was looking at over $1000 in fines, ignition interlock, and 45 days jail. After discussions with myself, my family, and D. Gosal, I began to realize I had a bigger problem than my DUI…it was alcohol. I entered into an outpatient treatment plan that addressed my problems. I am recovering, and learning about myself. Thank you for your help along the way.”  M. Singh, Burnaby

“My heartfelt thanks to you Mr. Gosal for your Charter arguments which resulted in an acquittal on my charge of impaired operation of a motor vehicle. I did not feel I had much of a chance until we meet and you pointed out procedural mistakes in the Crown’s case. I know you spent countless hours in preparing my case not to mention a full day in court arguing on my behalf. As his honour stated in handing down his verdict “Be thankful you found Barrister Gosal for your defense.”  To that end, many, many Thanks, You saved me a great deal of stress, not to mention my job.”  Sincerely  K. Haslett, Surrey B.C.

“I was given a Notice of Driving Prohibition under the new Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) under the new DUI Laws. The Office of Superintendant wanted to suspend me for 90 days because “a sample of your breath on an approved screening device registered a FAIL and your ability to drive is affected by alcohol.” Mr. Gosal appealed the driving prohibition, and we won the Immediate Roadside Prohibition.”


“I was up against a serious “assault causing bodily harm with a weapon” charge and if I lost, I was looking at a lot of jail time. I had a family, and this was crazy. After getting Paul Del Rossi and Dil Gosal on my side, they began on my case right away. They prepared an affidavit, exhibits, case law, case briefs, and brought on a Pre-Trial Motion to dismiss the charges for Charter violations, involving my Speedy Trail rights. After a mini-trial, they had exposed the VPD’s sloppy investigation, and unreasonable delay in gathering evidence. The court gave me a Judicial Stay of Proceedings, and we won. These guys showed da rizzo in the shizzo…they rocked.”     R. V. B. Grant, Vancouver

“I had never been in trouble with the law, and the Domestic Violence Assault charge against me was bogus from the start. Dil visited the supposed “crime scene” and knew it couldn’t have happened like she said. We prepared for trial, and just before the trial was to begin, the charges were dropped, when the Crown determined my ex-girlfriend had lied to the cops, and was gonna perjure herself. I felt vindicated, and was happy to have Mr. Gosal in my corner.” G. Townsend, Whalley


“I had stolen from my bank, Bank of Montreal, in Surrey, BC. Crown was seeking a Jail Sentence for Internal Theft. I hired Mr. Gosal, and was able to get house arrest, and avoid any real jail.” R. v. Singh

“I wanna thank you for everything you and Mr. Stern have done…I don’t think other lawyers would have bothered putting in that kind of effort.” Although his remarks regarding other attorneys may be displaced, the offender’s motion for sentence appeal was granted: a total reduction of approximately 2 years in his armed robbery case.” M. Johnson, Federal Inmate, Vancouver

“I was charged with Criminal Trespass at the place I used to work at. The charge was B.S. Dil was my public defender, and he took it to trial. The jury deliberated and came back hung; the State of Washington never refiled, and I was cleared.” J. Luscher, Seattle


“ICBC was offering me less than $10,000 initially. I hired Dil Gosal, and he settled my case after mediation for over $100,000. I can’t thank you enough for believing in me, when ICBC didn’t.” H.Kaur

“ICBC denied my claim for Low Velocity Impact. I worked at YVR Vancouver Airport, and was off work, as a baggage claim handler. We went to trial because ICBC offered me Zero. I was awarded over $9,300 after Gosal fought the case to trial.” Click Here for Case. Prasad

“I was at a Night club where there was a scuffle, and then the VPD arrived and seized money from me outside the Night Club, and they refused to give it back to me. They were treating me like a criminal. After a couple weeks – with Mr. Orris and D. Gosal’s efforts – the seized money was returned back to me.”  Anonymous, Vancouver