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At D. Gosal & Associates, L.C.,  we focus on specific areas of criminal and civil law so that we can ensure our client’s superior representation. We are trained experts in the fields of law that we represent, with over 15 years of courtroom trial experience, battling cases and is tried, tested, and true, which means you have the strongest defence & representation for your case, with a higher chance of the desired trial outcome possible.

By choice, we only work on a very limited number of cases each year.  One of the key advantages to this approach is that each case is given significant attention and time.  Would you want a lawyer who has 200 files a year, working on your case, or one that takes only a select few, and dedicates himself to that case.  As a former public defender – in my first year out of law school, back in 2000, I experienced what it was like to carry a file load of hundreds of files at any given time.  In my opinion, it simply does not work well for the client or the attorney.  There is just no possible way to dedicate extreme depth to each file.

As President Abraham Lincoln once said, “A lawyer’s stock is his time and his advice.” You will find both at D. Gosal & Associates, L.C.  Our experience, international education, and philosophy of taking very limited files will bode well for you.

“After attending UBC for my undergraduate work, I then travelled to the USA and Oxfordshire, England receiving my first law degree, Juris Doctoris (J.D.).  I worked as a trial lawyer with an emphasis on criminal defence and civil law for individuals.

I then went back to University for post-graduate work after finding material differences between the two systems (Canada and United States/ Washington State) and took a specialized Master of Laws in Criminal Law (L.L.M.) program in New York State, returning to the aid of my clients.

I can say that Trial Work, being either Civil or Criminal Law is rarely in accord with what one sees on television series about lawyering as some sensational moment all whilst wearing a Gucci suit; but rather, the cold study of the facts; marshalling the law and caselaw, going through the fine details in the evidence and parsing the cases are often what I have found makes the difference between winning or losing a case. Not some dramatic breakdown and confession of a witness, like TV.

Get the defence and lawyer you deserve.  Ask us the hard questions, we are down-to-earth, and “we’ll give you the straight answers.“ 

We try to educate our client’s in terms of the applicable law, exposures, possible outcomes, and then seek their instructions.  Our job is to make sure you understand the process, and so you don’t feel railroaded through the system.

-Dil Gosal, Criminal Defence & Civil Attorney


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