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Debt Claims? Not paid for Services? Contact Attorney Dil Gosal

If you have a matter involving a contract dispute, not getting paid for services, or other matter for BC Small Claims, we can help.  We provide limited-service and full-service general trial litigation, including representing those injured in motor vehicle accidents (ICBC) and Debt Claims, suing people or companies for breaking contracts and not paying for services, or not paying their loans.

At D. Gosal & Associates, we can offer a FREE initial consultation on your Small Claims case and provide you with options for a “flat-fee” legal service, which allows you to know ahead of time what your legal fees will be. That way, you have no surprises about legal bills.Civil & Small Claims Legal Representation Vancouver & Surrey

The Small Claims Court is one of “limited jurisdiction,” and thus not have authority to grant remedies affecting an interest in land, bankruptcies, trademarks, wills and estates, libel, slander, malicious prosecution, residential tenancy (though orders may be enforced in Provincial Court), and almost all builders’ lien matters.

We are General Civil Legal Counsel for

HAP Enterprises Ltd. – International Freight Shipping Company, based in Metro Vancouver.

JMG Carriers Ltd. – International Freight Shipping/Goods Shipping Company, based in Metro Vancouver.

Small Claims Litigation

The BC Small Claims Act gives the Provincial Court of British Columbia jurisdiction over civil claims for debt or damages, recovery of personal property, relief from opposing claims to personal property, and specific performance of agreements involving personal property or services to a monetary limit of $ 25,000. Although this court may be less formal than Supreme Court litigation, the assistance of legal counsel through the channels of law can help steer you in the direction you want to go.

D. Gosal & Associates has successfully represented clients in Small Claims Court. We can be hired to assist you with your litigation needs, including assistance with your Notice of Claim, Reply, Summons, Counterclaim, Application to a Judge or Registrar, default judgment, process serving, settlement conference, mediation, trial, post-trial motions, appeals, and case law research. We can also be hired to assist you in enforcement of judgments, garnishment orders, etc.

The vast majority of cases tend to settle, either through Mediation or a Settlement Conference. This is where we can help you as well. It is important to ensure that your legal arguments, documents, evidence (forensic or otherwise), and theory of the case are ready so that your position is presentable in a clear, concise, manner; one that is easy for the mediator or judge to understand. The strength of your advocacy at these early stages can help you come to an early and favourable resolution; saving your time, judicial time, and attorney fees. It can also focus the issues and set the tone for trial.

Typical cases in Small Claims can include debts, loans, personal injury (ICBC Cases), business and contract disputes including service contracts and construction contracts.

General Litigation

We also provide legal services for the following areas:

  1. Construction Trade Debts
  2. Debt Claims: Personal and Company
  3. Property Loss: Water Damage
  4. Personal Injury, including ICBC
  5. Civil Suits for Assault & Battery

We can also assist in legal research of past decisions on Quicklaw databases to determine if there are principles in law or past cases with similar factual or legal issues.

Judicial Review Procedure Act, RSBC

Is a provincial law that allows for review of decisions by Administrative bodies to the regular courts.  An application is on originating application and must be brought by way of Petition in BC Supreme Court. Under section 2 of the Act, the Court may grant a number of remedies, including relief in the nature of Mandamus, Prohibition, or Certiorari.

The BC Supreme Court is a court of general jurisdiction, and has wide powers to set aside decisions, make Interim Orders, or to Direct a Tribunal to Reconsider and Determine in general, or on a specified matter, the whole or a part of which the Application for Judicial Review relates to.

However, there are specific requirements to comply with filing a petition and Notice to the Attorney General and parties. We can be retained to take conduct of your Petition for Judicial Review.