DUI Defense Lawyer: Case Acquittals, Revoked Prohibitions and Dismissals

Over the years, Surrey IRP Defense Attorney Dil Gosal has been successful in securing acquittals, revoking Immediate Roadside Driving Prohibitions or having cases dismissed.  Read testimonials from actual clients sharing their case victories.  Contact D. Gosal & Associates today to ensure you have the best defense possible when facing DUI charges in Greater Vancouver, BC.

Man Celebrating Victory“I went through a roadblock in White Rock, and the officer made me blow into an Approved Screening Device machine. It blew a “Fail” result. I was facing Ignition Interlock, Responsible Driver Program, and probably the loss of my job, as I drove different vehicles. Mr. Gosal got my Immediate Roadside Driving Prohibition DUI revoked, after making an argument about the calibration of the device. I got my license back, my wife’s car, and they government paid for all the tow and storage fees. Thank you.” Re: IRP Prasad

“I was given a Notice of Driving Prohibition under the new Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) under the new DUI Laws. The Office of Superintendant wanted to suspend me for 90 days because “a sample of your breath on an approved screening device registered a FAIL and your ability to drive is affected by alcohol.” Mr. Gosal appealed the driving prohibition, and we won the Immediate Roadside Prohibition.”

“I hired you for my Immediate Roadside Prohibition from the RCMP, and after meeting with you, I took your advice and fought the Office of Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, and we you won the Decision, and the IRP was revoked, and I got my license back, and the Government paid the storage and tow fees up to the date of the decision. I can’t thank you enough. My job was on the line, and there is no way I could drive around with the ignition interlock, in my line of business. Thank you again, I will never forget you.” K. Singh

“I was facing a 45 days minimum sentence in County Jail, for my 2nd DUI. D. Gosal took it to trial for two days, and after a hung jury, the State refilled, and I entered a plea arrangement with the prosecutor. My relationship and job were saved and no jail.” P. LaCroix, San Juan County

“You and Paul Del Rossi did good.” The accused’s charges of impaired driving and “over.08” were dismissed, and a guilty plea to a motor vehicle infraction was entered into. B. Markham, Delta