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Tusi Karo Na Fikkar! Sirf Karo Gosal Da Zikkar!

Punjabi Vakeel Vancouver
BC Sikh Millworkers

Your local Punjabi Vakeel (Punjabi Wakil, Vukeel). We offer legal services to the Punjabi Community of Surrey, Metro Vancouver and across British Columbia.

Born in Canada and educated across the Globe, I have conducted trials in all levels of Court in British Columbia, and also appeared in the BC Court of Appeal.

We have acted on behalf of many litigants in Small Claims Litigation, serious Criminal Cases (murder, sexual assault, drugs) and ICBC personal injury.

Feel free to compare our level of education, trial experience, client relations and referrals when making the decision of which Punjabi Vukeel to hire.  Separate the wheat from the chaff. Raicourt Di Shaan entertainers step off!

For more information on Canadian Sikh History, particularly British Columbia, try:

1. Sarjeet Jagpal’s Becoming Canadians: Pioneer Sikhs in Their Own Words. Wonderful book and collection of illustrations/photos; a time capsule.
2. Hugh Johnston, Professor Emeritus History at SFU.
3. Search Komagata Maru

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